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How mainstream fitness programs have mislead you...
  • Weight Loss Lies -  YES! Big lies, dangers, and other misconceptions
  • The TRUE "core" - what it is and what it is NOT! How the research got picked apart to suit particular agendas
  • Misrepresented Muscle - what muscle actually does, what it needs to use fat as fuel, and how it has an "opposite partner"
  • Cardiovascular Workouts - what to practically strive for and how to make them safe, effective, and enjoyable
  • The Stretching Debate - what you are actually stretching and why you may not even need to be stretching at all
Michele Bond, MS is an expert exercise therapy professional serving Los Angeles since 1999. Speaker, author, and researcher - she is READY to tell you about the misinformation and recklessness of the commercial fitness industry. CLAIM YOUR FREE COPY TODAY!!
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  • TERESA SAYS - "Finally, a tool to help me understand CORE building in a way that makes more sense. Well done!”
  • MARY SAYS - "The explanation about how muscles really work and what I can do is super..... I know how to rework my plan!"
  • DELIA SAYS - "This book sets a new tone for how exercise should be viewed in our society."
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